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Shoe Wardrobe

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Compiling a shoe wardrobe is something that every person should do when they care about their appearance (I do!). While many people imagine that they only need a couple pairs of shoes in order to be dressed well, the reality is that many pairs of shoes need to be worn during the week so that there is no threat of foot pain or constant discomfort.

Shoes range from work shoes to athletic shoes to casual shoes and everything in between. There are some people who live in sneakers while others live in boat shoes or loafers. Depending on the wearer’s personal style, shoes can be chosen to match every outfit in the closet.

understairs closet for all your shoes

Men who work in a formal office must have work shoes for every day of the week, but those same gentlemen should beware that their feet will not grow fond of wearing the same shoes over and over. Plus, shoes can be matched to any outfit regardless of their style. Even the man who is used to only wearing extremely formal shoes with their suits can have shoes that are much more casual yet look fantastic with their work attire.

Sneakers can be versatile in a man’s closet. While most men only wear sneakers to the gym, sneakers can also be high fashion casual shoes or hip dress shoes. For the guy that has tender feet or prefers to be a little bit more casual, a sneaker wardrobe for an outlet such as can help him to have a different pair of shoes on his feet everyday.

Aside from the obvious comfort level of sneakers, gentlemen can take care of sneakers much more easily than standard dress and casual shoes. Sneakers tend to have more fabric and synthetic materials that are very easy to clean and do not retain water. The shoes can hold their color for a long time, and the shoes tend to last much longer than traditional shoes with leather outsoles.

Completing a shoe wardrobe is a must for every guy. While some men prefer formal looks, they can make the change to a more casual shoe wardrobe that keeps them comfortable and looking good.



^mimi, by one of our shoe organizer… #shoeholic


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Kite Flying with the Kids

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kite autumn

Kite-flying in autumn

These days, many parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend with their gaming consoles or gadgets. Apparently, the thin line between recreational use and over-dependence has grown even dimmer, so much so that children are no longer able to identify the difference between moderate and too much.

Some who instill different values on their kids scoff at these parents and blame them for giving in to the demands of their children. According to them, the kids wouldn’t have become overly dependent on their technological gadgets if their parents didn’t give it to them in the first place. Nevertheless, we can’t really blame parents for wanting to give the very best to their kids. Children are children, and even if they were constantly reminded of the ill effects of spending too much time playing video games, they wouldn’t always listen. So how can this problem be addressed?

Well, parents would do well to talk to their kids and explain to them why it’s important that they apportion their time appropriately. If it takes writing down a fixed schedule for kids to follow through with what their parents want, then so be it. Children should be made to understand that there’s a whole world out there beyond their video games and gadgets.

Of course, parents should take the first step in encouraging their kids to venture outside. The idea may seem daunting. Yet, if parents present their kids with cool ideas for outdoor activities, then they might just trade their video games with these activities even temporarily.

One cool and timeless activity that both parents and kids would enjoy is kite flying. Young children would definitely have fun running around outdoors while they best each other to see who can fly their kite the highest. However, just as with everything else, parents would do well to consider a few things so everyone may get the best out of their kite-flying experience.

First, parents need to choose the right kite design and while stores carry an array of designs and styles that would make kite enthusiasts excited, the ages of the kids who would be playing needs to be taken into consideration. If it were the kids’ first time to fly a kite, a single-line kite would be the best option. It’s not as complicated as other styles and it can easily withstand medium-strength winds. What’s more, the kite’s design stability and delta shape make it ideal for small hands.

Second, consider the best places and conditions to fly kites. Wide and open spaces such as parks, soccer fields (when it’s not being used), and beaches are perfect places to fly a kite. Nevertheless, if these areas are not feasible for you, choose a large, treeless area where you can use single-line kites to the full. Never fly kites in crowded areas or near power lines. As much as possible, you should let your kids wear gloves to protect their hands from cuts or rope burns.

Lastly, remember that practice makes perfect, and don’t forget to emphasize this to your kids. As children, they would naturally have very high expectations. The last thing you want is for them to get frustrated when they can’t seem to get the kite off the ground. Give them the necessary pep talk. Teach them kite-flying tricks you have learned as a kid as these never get old.

Before long, your kids’ kites would be airborne with minimal help from you. Kite flying can be a very fun activity for the entire family so long as everybody knows what to expect. When you have the right kite, scouted the best location, and through a little bit of practice, you’ll be piling up kite-flying memories that the whole family would cherish forever.




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When You Need a True, Classic Guitar

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classic guitars

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Whether you are looking for an amazing instrument to inspire the love of music in someone you care about or you need something perfect for a master, there’s nothing like a classic guitar. It’s the only way to play when you want the right sound and feel for an instrument. For those who are serious about music, every time they pick up their instrument of choice is like a true love affair. Choose classic guitars when you want to give the gift of music.

Take Your Pick of Classics

Turn to a company like Luthier’s Collection when you are ready to pick out the right guitar. Shop for yourself or present someone you really care about with an amazing piece of workmanship. You’ll discover that the door is wide open when it comes to your alternatives. Choose from Jeffrey Elliot, McGill, Redgate, Kevin Aram, Maingard, Traphagen, Laskin, or Smallman & Sons. Each instrument is a work of art with features that make it stand out above the crowd.

Get an Instrument that is a Cut Above the Rest

If you are planning on investing in a guitar, make it a classic. You will not be disappointed when you choose an instrument that is made of quality materials, has a unique design, and a reputation that stands behind the guitar. When it comes to making music, you don’t want something run-of-the-mill. You need a guitar that has made a name for itself.

It’s Time to Write Your Own Song

Whether you are the musician or you are choosing a classic guitar for someone else, now is your chance to create music of your own. You never know where that instrument will take someone. Venture down a road of discovery and get lost in the music. Every time a guitar is strummed, it’s a gift. It doesn’t matter if a beginner is plucking out notes for the first time or a true master is going to work. A classic guitar has the power to spread smiles and light up a room. It’s a wonderful means to expression. The next time that you are seriously considering the addition of a new guitar, be sure to take a look at a classic guitar collection. You could find the instrument that makes you fall in love with music all over again.

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What Are the Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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criminal defense attorney

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When you think of the word lawyer, you often think about the trial process where the attorneys stand before the judge and the jury and plead the case of their clients. And while this is a vital part of a criminal defense attorney’s job, it is by far not the only role he or she plays. There are several things that a criminal defense does long before you ever see the inside of a courtroom. And, the ability of the attorney to perform these other tasks will have a direct impact on how the case will play out in the courtroom.

Assessing the Case
The first thing that a criminal defense lawyer does is to begin researching the case. Depending on the size of the firm, information gathering can be done by the attorney themselves or by an investigator. This is the most important step for the development of an effective defense strategy During this phase of the legal process various documents relating to the case will be collected, interviews will be conducted and photographs of the crime scene will be taken and analyzed. After gathering all of the data, the attorney will begin to analyze the case and will begin to formulate a defense strategy.

Handling Pleas
In many cases the state’s attorney, also known as the prosecutor or district attorney, will contact the defense attorney in an effort to settle the case with a plea bargain before going to trial. A plea bargain allows the accused to accept a lesser charge in exchange for a guilty plea. The process is quick and usually results in a lower level of punishment for the accused and a guilty verdict for the prosecution. The defense attorney’s job here is to determine which path is more advantageous for their client. If they have substantial evidence that would make it difficult for a jury to convict you, they may recommend that you skip the plea bargain and go to trial. However, if the evidence is not as strong in favor of the defendant, then it may be better to accept the plea bargain and accept the lighter sentence. In some cases, the defense attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor for even better terms.

Trying the Case
If the case proceeds to trial, it is up to the defense attorney to present evidence that refutes the evidence provided by the prosecutor. It’s not necessary for a defense attorney to prove the innocence of their client, but to provide enough of an argument that there is a possibility that he or she didn’t commit the crime in question. The burden of proof falls on the state’s attorney.

If you have been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can in order to begin the legal process. While it can be an expensive proposition to hire a private criminal defense attorney, most offer free consultations, so make the call as soon as practical.


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Outfitting Your Garage With Style and Convenience

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Tony Stark’s garage look-alike, anyone?


Completing the Layout of Your Garage

If you have a garage, you need to have a great layout so that you can do your job the right way. Any garage that is not designed for optimal work may affect your job performance. Companies like Garage Appeal can offer you a wide array of garage equipment and tools to complete the design of your garage. Rest assured that all of these alternatives will come with quality designs at prices that will fit your budget.

Garage Alternatives you can Choose

When you are browsing through the website, you will find a wide range of categories on the left hand side. One of the first categories that can help any mechanic is a car lift. You will be able to find a wide selection of car lifts, which are made with high-quality materials. Garage appliances are also other essential things that you may need in your garage, such as a refrigerator or a garage compactor. The garage compactor will be more beneficial than your standard trash compactors.

More Options for Your Garage

Two other great choices that you need to consider for the layout of your garage are the flooring and lighting options. The flooring alternatives can include floor pads, floor kits and tiles, just to mention a few of the choices. Lighting is also another important factor in your garage. You can find light fixtures that can give you the necessary lighting so that you can do your job right. These light fixtures will come at affordable prices.

Storage and Workbenches

Storage collections are also available so that you can properly store your tools and equipment. You will be able to find a wide range of toolboxes, such as combination sets, portable toolboxes, roller cabinets and many other types of toolboxes. Aside storage, you can also browse through workbenches. These workbenches will give you more than enough space to work on your small repairs. You can choose from steel, metal or a storage workbench. You may also find workbenches that are adjustable to the perfect height you need. Rest assured that you can find all of the essential selections to outfit your garage just as you have always wanted.

Or a fantasy garage?

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The Right Personal Injury Attorney for Your Family

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If you or a loved one has suffered injury or disability through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation in the eyes of the law. But what kind of lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve? How can you pick the right one from hundreds of ads in the yellow pages and on park benches? Here are a few tips for finding an honest, trustworthy personal injury attorney.

knee injury during a football game

Ask For Referrals

Your very first course of action should be asking your friends, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations. Have they had trouble at the disability office? Who helped them get through it? What about that guy who slipped and fell in the courtyard last year? Who represented him?

Find A Specialist

Don’t trust an attorney who says he can do it all. There are simply too many kinds of personal injury cases for him to have real, credible experience in each of them. Instead of seeking a “jack of all trades,” find a specialist who has made their niche in a single corner of the law, like workplace accidents, car crashes, medical malpractice, et cetera. They’ll have history and hard-won skill in navigating your kind of case.

Verify Their Background

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of potentials, start fact-checking the claims they make on their website. Did they really win a $6 million lawsuit against Pampers? Are there news articles on Google that confirm it? What about their impressive list of accomplishments, accreditation and awards? Does the Forbes website actually list them in the top ten hottest lawyers of the year?

Call Their References

While you should always take a face-to-face meeting with a potential lawyer, it’s equally important to realize that they’ll be trying their hardest to make a good impression on your first visits. If you want to know the true measure of a lawyer, contact the people who have dealt with them before. Past clients can tell you firsthand if the man’s graciousness is an act, if he was notoriously late for his appointments or if he ever got bored with them and started pawning them off on his secretary.

These are just a few ways to shine a light on personal injury attorneys and determine if they’re really worth their fees. You’ve already suffered enough from your accident, so don’t add to your troubles by retaining a wretched lawyer. Click here to see an example of the better kind.

personal injury claims, Fault

when she fell off her bike

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Staging a Home to Sell

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going minimal


How a person decorates his or her home is a very personal decision. There are a lot of home design tips to choose from, which helps homeowners to create a home look that uniquely describes them. When trying to sell a home, however, it takes a new mentality. It is no longer about describing the homeowner, but about appealing to potential buyers. Using Henredon furniture to stage a living room or installing shelves into a small, awkward alcove are both ways that a homeowner can make a space more appealing. To really reach out to buyers, it helps to let the clutter go, keep everything neutral, and let the furniture fit the space.

Let the Clutter Go

A home for sale should be as open and clutter-free as possible. This means cutting down on the items left out on shelves, tables, and countertops. Stylish Henredon furniture can make a space more attractive, but the space should not be overcrowded with sofas and chairs. If necessary, a homeowner can move excess clutter to a storage unit while the home is open for walk-throughs. Now is the time to show off the space that the home has, and the best way to do this is to keep things simple and free of unnecessary clutter.

Keep it Neutral, Not Personal

 Potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves living in the home for sale. They can better do this if the décor is kept neutral and there are very few personal items still in the home. This means replacing family portraits with artwork and using drapes or bedding that are beautiful-but-neutral for every room. The better a buyer can envision the space as his or her own, the more appealing it may become.

Let the Furniture Fit the Space

Just as a space should not be cluttered with too much furniture or too much décor, make sure the size of the furniture also suits the space it sits in. Beautiful Henredon furniture can liven up a sitting room, but one oversized couch or chair can quickly make a space feel out of balance. Fit the furniture to the space. Putting them in groups away from the walls can do wonders to show off the square footage of a room.

Properly staging a home is ultimately about letting the clutter go, keeping the space neutral, and letting the furniture fit the space. When searching for the right kind of furniture, Henredon furniture can be a very stylish option for any home, staged or not. For a great selection, take the time to look at


clean it


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